‘Don’t be creepy’: ABC’s Nate Byrne reacts to his explicit fan mail

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ABC weather presenter Nate Byrne has reacted to some of the “awful” fan mail he’s received, including a very graphic poem from a viewer.

Since 2017, Byrne has presented the weather on the ABC News Breakfast program.

Speaking to news.com.au’s I’ve Got News For You podcast, he discussed his career, including a very graphic letter he’d received since joining the ABC in 2017.

In the poem, the author declared, “When I see you do the weather, I can’t help but masturbate” and was “pleading to the heavens that you cannot be straight.”

“Nate, mate, I bet you taste real great,” the poem reads.

“The surge and swell upon your front shifts my tectonic plate.

“And this threat of global warming does not make my flood abate.

“I’m giving you my forecast, if we met, you’d celebrate.”

Hearing the poem read out, Nate Byrne joked, “I’m so glad you don’t have access to some of the awful DMs I get.

“If you ever want to send letters to people, either don’t be creepy… or at least put a return address so we can say, ‘Thank you’.

“[That letter] was a just a typed out poem and my colleagues were like, ‘Are you sure there isn’t someone waiting outside for you?’”

Nate Byrne revealed battle with anxiety and panic attacks on air

Nate Byrne, a former Naval Officer, made headlines last week after speaking out about his struggles with anxiety, including suffering several panic attacks on air.

He told the podcast he now has strategies to control the trigger, which was “rushing to the spot” in the ABC News studio where he films his segments.

“I wasn’t breathing enough so my brain was getting a little less oxygen than it wanted,” he explained.

“So it did the normal things, trying to get me to breathe a bit more, increase my heart rate.

“But 15 minutes later when I was standing on that spot again, and I saw the same words on the autocue that are there every time, my brain went ‘uh oh, hold on a second, I know what happened here last time. Let’s get out, this is no good’.”

He added, “I just make sure I’m breathing more regularly than I normally would.

“Maybe instead of doing two sentences before taking a breath, I just do one.

“So it’s telling my brain, ‘here’s a bit of oxygen, see, you’re fine’.”

Nate Byrne also shared that he often presses his thumbnail into the side of his finger while on air.

“It’s something I can do on air that you’re not able to notice unless you’re really looking for it,” he said.

“And even then, it’d be pretty difficult to see. It just lets my brain focus on something else while the meteorologist does the autopilot talking.”

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