Donald Trump Jr slammed for false trans kids claims on Kyle and Jackie O show

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The Australian Associated Press (AAP) have called out Donald Trump Jr after he made a series of wrong and incorrect claims about transgender children during an appearance on KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O show to promote his upcoming Australian speaking tour.

Trump Jr falsely claimed that the overwhelming majority of children who go through gender transition grow to regret it, when the exact opposite is the case, according to research.

“Look at the cases of recidivism,” Trump Jr said during the May 24 broadcast on the Sydney radio station.

“What is it, like 93 percent of children regret it later on and yet the most impressionable, the most easily manipulated in society are convinced that this is the right thing and then you have a 93 percent recidivism rate.”

Trump also claimed that children as young as three were undergoing surgical interventions, which he dubbed, “mutilat[ing] their bodies to change their gender” – something that does not happen because it is illegal in both Australia and the United States.

KIIS FM made no attempt to fact check the claims of the son of the former President of the United States.

Experts disagree

Now AAP’s FactCheck division have looked into the claims and asked the experts who found them false.

“This is 100 percent incorrect and I am alarmed that he can say this unchallenged,” Associate Professor Ada Cheung, the head of Trans Health Research at The University of Melbourne, told AAP FactCheck.

A 2022 study from Princeton University tracked the outcomes of 317 children who transitioned socially between the ages of three and twelve.

Five years into social transitioning, 298 (94 percent) were still living as trans girls or trans boys.

Eleven (3.5 percent) went on to identify as nonbinary and only eight (2.5 percent) chose to return to their gender assigned at birth.

AAP Factcheck found no studies that suggested that the rate of people regretting transitioning was higher than six percent.

Dr Ken Pang, a consultant pediatrician who works with trans youth at The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne, told AAP FactCheck Mr Trump Jr’s claims were “patently false”.

Pang said that, from his professional experience, the number of people who experience gender dysphoria but later regret transitioning is no higher than two percent and that some of that was a result of the social exclusion experienced by transgender people.

A 2015 study conducted in the United States found that the most common reasons for trans people seeking to detransition were familial pressure (36 percent), the experience of transitioning being “too hard” on them (33 percent), harassment or discrimination (31 percent) or employment discrimination (29 percent).

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    16 June 2023

    Geez ban this twit from entering the country we don’t want him here he speaks subject matter he knows nothing about

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