Dog Allegedly Kicked At Because Of Its ‘Equality’ Scarf

A dog wearing a rainbow “Equality” scarf has been attacked in Melbourne by a person shouting homophobic slurs, its owner has claimed.

The man allegedly tried to kick the dog, named Mack, who was out for a walk in a park by a dog sitter earlier this week.

Mack’s owner, Claire Sutherland, posted on Twitter that the “mouth-breathing cretin” who perpetrated the attack was “shouting homophobic slurs” at the time.

“[Mack]’s totally fine,” she shared.

“[The] kick didn’t connect and our dog sitter gave the guy a mouthful. Didn’t sway him on his vote at all!”

Later writing for News Corp, Sutherland alleged that the perpetrator called the dog sitter a “perverted f–king poofter.”

“Honestly Australia, have we reached the ‘shouting at dogs’ stage of the marriage equality debate? How did we get here?” she wrote.

Just because, here’s some more photos of the adorable Mack:

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