Does My Liver Look Big In This?

Fatty Liver. Also known as fatty infiltration or NASH (non-alcoholic steatotic hepatitis). It doesn’t sound that glamorous does it? Unfortunately it’s a diagnosis that is becoming increasingly common as rates of overweight and obesity climb in first world countries. And chances are that if you look down and can’t see your belt buckle, you’re well on your way to developing it if you haven’t already.

It’s basically a condition where excess fat is deposited inside the liver. This causes disruption to the normal function of the liver and eventually leads to liver disease, very similar to what happens with viral hepatitis or alcohol dependence. It is associated with increased visceral fat (fat around the organs) and diabetes, and can eventually lead to cirrhosis and liver failure, especially in people who do drink regular alcohol or have a high sugar intake.

It is diagnosed by a blood test and ultrasound of the liver. Usually if your liver function blood tests are persistently abnormal, your doctor will order an ultrasound which shows the fatty infiltration.

Now the liver is an amazing organ, and is the chief detoxifier of the body, and it even has the power to regenerate and repair minor damage. However once the damage is too great, repair doesn’t happen.

So how can you reverse fatty liver? The answer is simple. Eat less fat, eat smaller portions and lower your total calorific intake. Exercise regularly. Avoid fruit juice and alcohol. Stay away from “detox” products and “liver cleanses” as these do not fix your liver and in fact may cause more harm. Exercise.

If you can maintain these changes in your diet and lifestyle then I promise you your fatty muffin-top liver will revert back to the svelte young thing you used to have.

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