Gay Men Reveal Whether They Prefer Smooth Or Hairy Chests

Do you prefer men with smooth chests or a more hairy look?

Travel website has surveyed gay men to try and find the answer, and it’s good news for bears!

The website surveyed more than 4,000 women and gay men to get their thoughts on chest hair.

According to the respondents, 58% of the gay men who took part in the survey prefer a partner to keep it natural with a hairy chest, while 61% of the women preferred their men to be bare-chested.

Nearly 1,000 men were asked about their own grooming habits and the respondents were divided on manscaping: forty-six percent of them said they shave their chest, compared to 54% who don’t.

In 2016, British newspaper The Telegraph reported that male chest hair was back on trend and a survey of their readers on the topic found over 70% of respondents favoured a hairier look.

Earlier this year, Queensland researchers surveyed gay men and women on the sexual attractiveness of facial hair.

They found both the men and women reported bearded partners were more suitable for long-term relationships, with the gay men reporting an even stronger preference for facial hair than the women.

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