Are you always thinking of others and ignoring your own needs? Do you give a lot to others and feel resentful that you don’t get much back? Well if you answered yes, you may have what’s called a ‘subjugation life-trap’. This may sound like an insect eating plant, but it is something which affects a huge number of people and can result in the ending of relationships, stress, and people becoming angry and bitter queens or dykes. Long term subjugators are often seen wearing a massive slightly off centre bee hive blood orange red wig and throwing themselves down steps singing: “What about me, it isn’t fair, I’ve done enough now I want my share…”

Developing the ‘Subjugation Life Trap’ is usually is a result of having a childhood which was stressful or you were perhaps looking after others. The first step to overcoming this is to identify the fact that you actually have subjugation. Recognise that the sense that others are always taking advantage of you is a result of you actually training them to not think of your needs. Start regularly reflecting deeply on what it is important for you rather than automatically thinking about and doing what you feel others expect. Start considering your own needs first! You’ll probably feel guilty and think you’re being selfish. This is natural. You’ll find that at the start people might get upset with you. After a period of time they will adapt and they will learn to respect you. This will feel uncomfortable but once you are used to it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived the other way.

So arise from the putrescent septic tank of self sacrifice and feel moist with happiness as you develop a more fulfilling life!

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