Disturbing allegations against Kevin Spacey at sex assault trial

Kevin Spacey in Netflix series House of Cards
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A London court has heard Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey described as a “sexual bully” and “predator” who got a “sexual thrill” out of allegedly assaulting men.

The actor spent time in the UK as director of the Old Vic theatre in London between 2004 and 2015.

Now Spacey is in court, after pleading not guilty to a dozen historical sexual misconduct charges involving four men.

They include sexual assault, indecent assault and causing a person to engage in penetrative sexual activity without consent.

Speaking at the opening of the trial, prosecutor Christine Agnew detailed the allegations of the complainants, all men in their 20s and 30s at the time.

She alleged Spacey is “a sexual bully” who “does not respect personal boundaries or space, a man who it would seem delights in making others feel powerless and uncomfortable.”

“His preferred method of assault is, it appears, to grab aggressively other men in the crotch. On one occasion things went further than that.”

‘Sexual thrill out of sexual aggression’

The prosecutor said the four men who have accused Spacey of sexual assault, now in their 30s or 40s, did not know each other. But all “had the misfortune to attract” his attention, the court heard.

Two of the alleged victims claimed Spacey frequently “grabbed and groped” them without their consent in the 2000s.

One of the men recalled driving and the actor, who’d been drinking, allegedly grabbed his genitals so hard he nearly ran off the road.

He told Spacey to not do that again, to which the actor “laughed and commented that his getting angry simply turned him on,” Agnew alleged.

The prosecutor suggested that Spacey “got a sexual thrill out of this type of sexual aggression”.

Defense lawyer Patrick Gibbs told the trial Spacey denied all allegations of nonconsensual activity.

He suggested the alleged victims had other motives and said jurors would hear “truths, half-truths, deliberate exaggerations” and “many damned lies.”

Kevin Spacey accused of sexual assault

Another alleged victim claims that while working together at a theatre, Kevin Spacey asked questions including, “Have we f___ed? Do you have a big c__k? Is it true what they say about Black men, do you like it outside?”

He alleges that Spacey asked him if “he liked to party” and grabbed his penis with “such force it was painful”. When the man forcefully pushed him away, Spacey “simply laughed,” the court heard.

Another complainant met Spacey at the Old Vic theatre, and sought mentoring. After drinking at a pub together, they returned to Spacey’s flat.

When the man woke up, Spacey was performing oral sex on him without his consent, the prosecution alleges.

After the alleged incident, the man recalled fearing this was “just how people in the acting world acted” and he “sat and cried” at a bus stop.

Prosecutor Christine Agnew said, “None of the men wanted to be touched by [Kevin Spacey] in a sexual way.

“But he doesn’t seem to have cared very much for their feelings. He did what he wanted to do for his own personal sexual gratification.”

UK police charged actor in May 2022

Kevin Spacey won Oscars for The Usual Suspects and American Beauty, before the first sexual misconduct allegations against him surfaced in 2017.

Following a Metropolitan Police investigation, officers charged the actor in May 2022.

The trial continues.

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