Disqualified Drag Race queen Sherry Pie returns to social media

Sherry Pie rupaul's drag race catfishing Drag Race

It’s been almost two years since Drag Race contestant Sherry Pie was officially disqualified from the competition and went off the radar. 

Ever since very little has been heard from or about Sherry Pie.

However recently the queen has made a bold move to become more active again.

What happened to Sherry Pie?

Sherry Pie was most famously known for being disqualified from RuPaul’s Drag Race before the show had even aired.

Despite filming having wrapped on season 12 the production made the decision to disqualify the queen.

It was revealed, and Sherry Pie admitted to, catfishing over five different men.

Allegations include the men being tricked into sending photos and videos of themselves naked and more, to the queen.

Before the Drag Race season 12 premiere, Sherry Pie took to Facebook to apologise.

“I want to start by saying how sorry I am that I caused such trauma and pain and how horribly embarrassed and disgusted I am with myself,” she said.

“I know that the pain and hurt that I have caused will never go away and I know that what I did was wrong and truly cruel.”

It wasn’t long after that Sherry simply went offline.

Sherry Pie resurfaces

Many simply believed that Sherry Pie would retire from Drag permanently.

After such a public disqualification and the level of allegations, it seemed all was over for the queen.

However recently Sherry Pie took to Instagram to quietly make her return.

Posting a fresh clown inspired look she appeared to be making her comeback.

“Coming back to socials has me gagging…..” she posted with no further context on the image.

However, she did take to her Instagram stories to post a follow-up.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Sherry Pie (@sherrypienyc)

“I’m a work in progress”

“I want to say thanks so much for the positivity. Returning to social medias is a large step in my mental health journey and this decision was not made lightly,” she said.

“It has been made easier by those who have stood by me as I learn and grow.”

She went on to explain herself further.

“I really appreciate your patience and the opportunity to share my art,” she continued.

“I am doing this for myself and for those who appreciate this, I understand that this will make some upset or angry.”

“It’s ok to be upset and feel what you feel. I can only say I am a flawed human being doing my best to be a better person.”

“I’m a work in progress, Thank you.”

Her post was met with mixed reactions, with many positive in the mix.

But over on Twitter, many were not happy about the news.

Sherry Pie has since posted three more images, again with limited context.

She has made no further announcements about possible upcoming performances or appearances at this stage.

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