Disgraced Labor MP slammed for homophobic, misogynistic rants

Adem Somyurek homophobic misogynistic victoria labor daniel andrews
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Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has sacked state Labor MP Adem Somyurek from cabinet amid corruption allegations and leaked audio of homophobic, misogynistic and racist tirades.

In the recordings on 60 Minutes, the party powerbroker described Young Labor members as “little passive aggressive f—ing gay kids” and gay staffers as “real slimy little f—ers”.

“We’ll have our gay kids just doing what they do: just being patronising and annoying,” he said.

Somyurek also called Gabrielle Williams, Victoria’s Minister for Family Violence Prevention, a “stupid bitch” and a “moll”.

“That f—ing stupid bitch… She’s a stupid, stupid moll,” he said in the audio.

“I’m going to f—ing knock her f—ing head off. She’s a f—ing psycho bitch.”

In a statement, Gabrielle Williams thanked the Premier for removing Somyurek and spoke out against misogynistic language.

“Words matter. Violent, misogynistic language perpetuates the attitudes and behaviours that enable a culture of violence against women,” she said.

“This language is unacceptable, whether at home, in the street, at work or in the halls of Parliament.

“When it does occur, we must call it out. No one deserves to be threatened in this way.

She said the comments would not impede the government’s work “to end violence against women and build a gender equal Victoria.”

Adem Somyurek apologised for the comments, but denied the allegations of branch stacking aired by 60 Minutes.

“I should not have used that language I did and I apologise to [Williams] unequivocally,” he said.

“I am deeply sorry for language I used regarding highly valued and exceptional young people who are members of the LGBTI community.

“These comments have quite rightly cost me my job,” he said.

Adem Somyurek facing expulsion from the party

Premier Daniel Andrews sacked Somyurek on Monday and referred the branch stacking allegations to police and Victoria’s anti-corruption commission.

Branch stacking refers to improperly increasing a party branch’s membership, for example with fake members, to aid a particular candidate.

Andrews said comments “were simply unacceptable, wicked comments.”

“I simply will not tolerate those sorts of comments or attitudes from any member of my team,” he said.

“His conduct and his comments – are completely deplorable, they are shameful. It is on that basis that there is no place in my government for him.”

Federal Labor leader Anthony Albanese said the ALP national executive would move to expel him on Monday afternoon.

“From that point in time, he will not be a member of the Australian Labor Party,” he said.

“[In his comments, Somyurek] was prepared to denigrate not just people who he saw as his opponents, but also people who were working with him.

“There were sexist comments, homophobic comments. They were completely inappropriate.”

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