Discord bans misgendering and deadnaming in hate policy

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Discord has banned misgendering and deadnaming trans people as part of an update to its Hateful Conduct Policy. 

The social media app updated its hate speech policy in April 2022 but only recently went public with these changes.

The hate speech policy now prohibits “repeatedly using slurs to degrade and demean individuals or groups.” This now “includes deadnaming or misgendering a transgender person.”

Discord also outlined the consequences of violating the policy. When a user breaks the policy, they receive a direct message letting them know of the violation. Further consequences depend on a number of factors. These include, “the severity of the harm, the type of user content and the user’s history of past violations.”

A Discord spokesperson told the Advocate, “As part of our ongoing efforts to ensure Discord remains a safe and fun place for people to hang out with friends, we continually evaluate potential harms and update our policies.”

“We often work with organisations and subject matter experts to ensure our policies accurately encompass a holistic view of how these issues manifest across the internet and society.”

GLAAD, the organisation that annually evaluates LGBTQIA+ policies of major social media platforms commended the move in a statement.

“The practice of targeted misgendering and deadnaming has emerged in recent years as one of the most common modalities for expressing contempt and hate toward trans and nonbinary people across all social media platforms.”

They say they hope to see more platforms update their policies to match in the future.

Currently, of the six major platforms – TikTok, YouTube, X and Meta’s Facebook and Instagram – TikTok is the only platform that expressly prohibits targeted misgendering and deadnaming in its hate policy.

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