‘Disco Jesus’ spins heads but no chairs after The Voice audition

Disco Jesus Saba Saliba on The Voice Australia
Image: Seven

Angry Christians have posted Bible verses on The Voice Australia‘s Instagram after a flamboyant Sydney performer belted out his song Disco Jesus for the judges.

Self-described ‘flamboyant’ performer Saba Saliba performed the original song, which is titled Disco Jesus, during his blind audition on Monday night.

Saba sings, “If you want to party, I’ll turn water into wine. If your body needs some healing, that’s a specialty of mine.

“There’s a diamond church above me if you’re looking for a sign. I’m Disco Jesus.”

The Sydney performer’s The Voice audition was posted to the show’s social media accounts overnight. But religious commenters flocked to the post to accuse the show of Christian persecution.

“The fact he could’ve auditioned with any song, yet decided to choose a song to purposely mock an entire religion [and] The Voice allowing it to occur,” one person wrote in a lengthy comment.

“This further proves an ongoing agenda for centuries of normalising Christianity persecution.

“Jesus always prevails, Jesus loves, Jesus forgives. It is never too late to return to Him. Such a lost and sad world we live in today. Find true peace and true love in Jesus. Have mercy on us, O God.”

But somebody else simply summed up, “Slay.”

“What an icon!” another wrote.


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‘Transcended me to a religious disco’

Sydney-based Saba Saliba describes himself as a “flamboyant recording-performing artist who writes and performs catchy pop rock electronic dance music songs.”

“I’m all about having a good time. If you ain’t having a good time, then you ain’t doing it right,” the performer said on The Voice.

Disco Jesus is my original showstopper song and it’s very catchy.”

After the song he explained to the judges it “uses religion as a metaphor.”

“It’s about having fun and letting your hair down. It’s about celebrating life and celebrating who you are,” he said.

Saba didn’t convince any of the judges to turn their chairs after his blind audition and didn’t advance.

But judge Jessica Mauboy was caught singing along, and Rita Ora admitted Saba “transcended” her to “some sort of religious disco”.

The Voice Australia screens on Channel Seven.

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  1. Michael
    15 August 2023

    MY! MY! Now the tables are turning into “see how you like it” as bonus from all their straight/white/predominantly male privilege, the bullies aren’t having a marvellous time in the kitchen, a few more than sometimes these days. Don’t care to watch reality Telly, but will applaud this one I now know via this fine publication. & will seek it out on Youtube TV, in my own time. Imagine how louder that white noise would be, if Saba chose that great title “ Disco Jesus” as a stage name. Sounds so much like a stage name, the more I think of it.

  2. Mark
    15 August 2023

    Finally So-Called Up Right Winged Christians aren’t getting their own way anymore, maybe they aught to take a few steps back and think about the mockery they’ve been doing to our GLBTQI+ Community for many years, but as soon as the other shoe’s on the other foot, well we already know what their reaction’s going to be.

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