Discarded cigarette caused Pauline Hanson truck fire, not ‘the left’

pauline hanson one nation truck fire
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Pauline Hanson from One Nation claimed earlier this week that a left-wing activist torched a vehicle plastered with her face.

The activist who attacked the One Nation billboard truck then apparently fled into the night.

However Tasmanian Fire Service investigators say a discarded cigarette probably caused the conflagration.

Police said there is no evidence of a crime.

The vehicle belonged to One Nation Tasmanian Senate candidate Adam Lambert. (No, not that Adam Lambert.)

Lambert parked the truck while he popped into a shop to buy groceries after losing his bid for election.

While he was in the shop, bar staff from a neighbouring pub saw the blaze and called emergency services. The candidate immediately videoed the blaze and jumped on-line.

Pauline Hanson

Pauline Hanson followed, with the unsubstantiated claim that an arsonist fled the scene after setting the billboard alight.

The One Nation candidate could not provide any description of the person such as height, hair colour or clothing worn. However, Adam Lambert was able to identify the suspect as an intolerant member of the left. Despite that description, CCTV footage showed no one from the left, right or middle near the vehicle.

It is not known if Adam Lambert, the One Nation version, smokes.

One Nation claim follows similar ACL claim

In a similar episode during the same-sex marriage postal vote, a van exploded outside the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) headquarters in Canberra.

Lyle Shelton from ACL immediately claimed the explosion as a political attack on the organisation, connected to the same sex marriage campaign.

Later, police concluded the explosion resulted from a failed suicide attempt.

The AFP denied any connection to the equality campaign, during an appearance by Commissioner Andrew Polvin before a senate estimates committee.

“We don’t believe his motivation was to make any point on the Christian Lobby,” he said. He explained the man’s motivation as, “driven by mental illness and a desire to commit suicide.”

The man who caused the explosion later did kill himself.

Yet on 23 April this year Martyn Iles of the ACL left out that crucial information in a blog post devoted to diminishing ‘religious freedoms’.

“The ACL office was car bombed not so long ago.” he wrote, omitting the AFP conclusion or other pertinent facts.

During the election Pauline Hanson gained another senator from Queensland.  Malcolm Roberts returns to the Senate as a representative of One Nation.  Hanson herself was not up for re-election.

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