Two Geelong teenagers cooked up a novel idea to get their marriage equality message to Canberra.

When they are not at school, Will Richards, 18, and Daniel Butson, 16, run a business through their website potatomessenger.com.


For $10, people can buy a potato with a message up to 140 characters long and have it shipped anywhere in Australia.

The messages really range from everything,” Richards told BuzzFeed News. “They can be as simple as ‘I love you’ or funny stuff, like ‘Let’s get baked’.”

So when Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull took over the top job they decided to send him a colourful message in the form of a giant rainbow flag.

Not just any old flag … it was made by spray painting 1000 potatoes.

We decided to use some of our funds to create something that had a true impact,” Richards said.

We believe the government’s decision to prolong marriage equality in Australia is unjust, and that the legislation should simply be passed through parliament.”

It took Richards and Butson two days and a bit of experimenting to spray paint the potatoes to a standard they were happy with.

We wanted to make sure it had the best effect,” Richards said. “We had to trial a few different paints and different potatoes and stuff.

We ended up using a mix of the normal white ones and then the red ones for the different colours. For some reason it just worked better.”

The pair then drove more than 700km from Geelong to Canberra and set up the flag on the lawns of Parliament House.

We can only hope it plants the seed for change among those in the corridors of power who continue to stymie marriage equality in Australia.


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