“Did you have intercourse with Count Dracula?”

Image: BBC

The BBC’s new blood-soaked and high camp Dracula premiered last night to universal praise. Starring Danish actor Claes Bang as the Count and Dolly Wells as Sister Agatha, the writers of the three-part series drummed up pre-broadcast publicity by announcing a homoerotic element to the production.

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Some speculate, of course, on the sexuality of original Dracula author Bram Stoker, a close friend of Oscar Wilde. However, thus far, the new series reads more camp than gay.

“You do look rather drained,” says Dracula to Jonathon Harker, most recent victim of the Count’s nocturnal blood-guzzling.

But some of the best lines come from Sister Agatha.

This Bride of Christ comes across as just a tad godless.

“Like many women my age, I am trapped in a loveless marriage, maintaining appearances for the sake of a roof over my head.”

And she brings a novice nun as her chaperone when she interviews Harker.

“I can’t be trusted around men.”

Previously, the episode opened with her asking Harker, “Did you have intercourse with Count Dracula?”

SPOILER ALERT: Don’t read next tweet — it gives away a crucial plot element

Of course, you can’t please everyone and some precious darlings felt triggered by a bisexual Dracula.

Co-creator Steven Moffat said, “He’s not actually having sex with anyone.

“He’s drinking their blood. You might need to delete your Tinder, if that is what you think. Dracula has always fed off men and women.”

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