Development application lodged for site of Sydney gay sauna

357 Gay sauna
Image: Google streetview

A development application has been lodged for the site of the famous Sydney gay sauna 357.

Lodged in May 2022, the application to the City of Sydney council would see the existing building demolished, while preserving the existing facade.

The proposed development would see 357 replaced with an 18-story hotel with a restaurant and bar.

357 opened in 2001, and has grown to become the largest gay-owned & operated sauna in Australia.

However, co-owners Luke and Ty want to alleviate concerns, stating that if the proposed development is approved, 357 will continue at another location.

For Luke and Ty, closing 357 has never been an option.

“It’s our life’s work,” Ty said.

“And we want to make sure that they’re still somewhere every week that most people can go to.

“We’ve got a kind of like a family in there. We’ve got all that same clients and they’ve been coming to us for decades.

“You can’t just shut it down and I wouldn’t let it.”

357 is ‘like a community centre’

For Sydney’s gay and bisexual community, 357 has become much more than a sex-on-premises venue.

“It’s very much like a community centre,” Luke said.

“We work quite closely with ACON as well as the Sydney Sexual Health Centre, and we have a free STI testing clinic upstairs through them.”

“It’s a good porthole because a lot of our clients are actually bisexual and they don’t see their local GP for STIs and things like that, they do it through us.

“So it’s not just about sex, it isn’t just about that.”

With a decision expected in November, the future of 357 remains up in the air.

However, sauna regulars can still expect more of the venue they love- just in a different location.

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  1. Julian
    14 October 2022

    Everything is for Sale.
    Nothing is Sacred.
    Thousands of people being made HOMELESS permanently all over AUSTRALIA and the old age Pension no longer pays the Rent never mind the other Bills.
    74% of AUSTRALIANS are Bi-Sexual so we’re do they go ?

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