Dept of Homo Affairs protestors arrested at Mardi Gras

dept of homo affairs protestors mardi gras
Image: @AffairsHomo/Twitter

New South Wales police arrested three Department of Homo Affairs protestors last night for their unsanctioned participation in the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade. Ironically, the parade commemorates a protest.

The Department of Homo Affairs protest began when an apparently unapproved float called #resist250 joined the parade route ahead of the Liberal Party float. Homo Affairs previously released a communique declaring the Lib’s float and boat ‘UN AUTHORISED ENTRIES’.


“The mythology that Australia was ever empty is tied to the delusion that it is now full.

“Scumo has committed $6.7 million for the replica Endeavour to circumnavigate the continent while millions are being spent turning other boats back.”

SBS goes to ads

The appearance of the unscheduled float appeared to confuse the presenters hosting the live broadcast on SBS and the channel then went to an ad break.

Police then held up the Liberal Party float and moved in to arrest three of the protestors. From the footage available online, the arrests looked rather more forcible than necessary to arrest peaceful protestors.

Included in the arrested protestors, a suspiciously youthful but suitably glum James Cook, captain of the Endeavour.

Albo gives protestors the finger

In another incident, Opposition leader Anthony Albanese good-naturedly gave the finger to a group of protestors chanting “Fuck the ALP” as the Labor float passed by.

The protestors apparently comprised members of the Socialist Alternative. The Socialist Alternative do not generally enjoy cordial relationships with others on the left because of their habit of hijacking other people’s protests. They also cause annoyance by selling their magazine Redflag at same.


However, this writer has no problem with them chanting “Fuck the ALP.” Nor do I mind Albo giving them the finger.

What is very wrong though is that in a video apparently no longer available on Facebook, a member of the ALP float appeared to brandish a pride flag on a pole as a weapon against a female protestor.

Shovan Bhattarai, the woman concerned, claims the guy hit her across the face with the flag.

If that is so, Labor should immediately take action against that member.

Happy Mardi Gras until next year. Long may the spirit of protest remain with us.

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