Dear Queensland, our powerful queer stories are now online at QAGOMA

QAGOMA Dear Queensland Queerstories

QAGOMA have now released the first batch of beautiful stories from the QAGOMA project, Dear Queensland.

The stories of GLBTQIA+ queenslanders have now been released online.

And there are some beautiful and captivating stories of our lives.

QAGOMA: Dear Queensland

QAGOMA and artist Shannon Novak are leading the Dear Queensland Program.

In conjunction with The 10th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art, Dear Queensland will effectively seek to archive our GLBTQIA+ stories.

The project aims to gather, document and archive some of the important stories of LGBTQIA+ people in Queensland.

Dear Queensland is a passionate part of the work of Shannon Novak.

Of the project, they said, “currently there is very little to no local LGBTQI+ history being recorded in our public museums and libraries, and that needs to change.”

The first part of the project has now been released.

Your stories

After weeks of collating our stories, QAGOMA have now released our Dear Queensland stories online.

The stories will continue to be updated weekly as more arrive.

These stories are told through written word but also through images submitted for the project as well.

Already the first round features a range of beautiful and unique stories that reflect the beauty of our lives as queer people in Queensland.

“Being part of the LGBTQI+ community here, means that I have found my chosen family. It sounds corny, however it’s a family where you can be yourself, feel uplifted and be supported.” Reads one story.

“As I turn 50 in one month I reflect on my life life living here in Brisbane,” writes another storyteller, Jodie.

“Coming out at 18. I remember the police arresting us, calling our parents, raiding our club in Brunswick St” she says.

Other submissions involve beautiful art works, poetry, family or historical photos.

In this first beautiful snapshot this archive of Queensland stories is already captivating the richness, complexity, sadness, hope and joy of our past, present and future.

Be sure to head to the QAGOMA site now to read all the stories and be sure to submit your story, photo, art piece of poem with your Queensland story.

Submissions are still being accepted and will be featured on site as well as online.

Queerstories at QAGOMA

As part of the 10th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art, QAGOMA also recently hosted the widely popular Queerstories event.

The event that features local queer story tellers take to the stage to tell their stories now takes place around the country.

The most recent event took place on the ground floor of the Gallery of Modern Art.

Surrounded by the stunning LGBTQIA+ art installation by Shannon Novak it was the perfect setting.

Six local story tellers took to the stage to tell their stories and this time the event was recorded.

QAGOMA have now released the video of the event, you can watch the Queerstories event on Youtube below.

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