Dear Christians, we are not the enemy…

Christians Enemy
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The debate in Australia over religious freedoms would suggest that Christians and LGBTIQ communities are implacable foes. Advocates of religious freedoms legislation portray the issue as a fight to save Christians from persecution by the ‘Rainbow Cult’, a term frequently employed on the Australian Christian Lobby Facebook page.

However, the LGBTIQ communities are not enemies of Christians.

Indeed, the two groups have much in common.

Both are minorities.

Each is ridiculed as unscientific — Christians for believing in creation and various miracles including the resurrection — LGBTIQ communities for their beliefs on gender and the ‘born this way’ argument.

Both Christian and LGBTIQ communities are gloriously diverse with members from every ethnic, racial or socio-economic grouping.

And they do not exist in splendid isolation from each other. There is an intersection with people belonging to both groups.

LGBTIQ people are not the enemy of people of faith

The actual enemies of people of faith are… ironically… people of faith.

Some people of faith believe everyone should believe exactly as they do.

They create a god in their own image who — conveniently — thinks exactly as they do.

They cherry-pick sacred texts to align their religion with their own priorities.

For centuries, Christian churches, both Catholic and Protestant, just like other religions, enforced tyrannical rule over entire nations.

LGBTIQ people suffered under those regimes. So too did followers of different denominations and faiths.

Both Catholics and Protestants burned people to death for heresy.

“The laws of God should never be the subject of a democratic vote”

For evidence that some extremists want freedom only for themselves, one need only look to commenters on the Australian Christian Lobby Facebook page.

Here’s just a few from 29 July.

Terry McGrath wrote regarding marriage equality, “The laws of God should never be the subject of a democratic vote. You can legislate that something is legal.

It does not alter the fact that it is against the Natural Law of God.”

Geoff Jenders warned of the consequence of extending religious freedom to other religions.

“Be very careful what you wish for! ‘Religious freedom’ will include ‘ALL’ religions.”

Tony Hosking said, “There is only one true religion… All others are man-made, pray to false idols and should never even be recognized on any level.”

Geoff Jenders agreed. “We already have Islamics running large street rallies in Melbourne pushing their ideology…. Pretty sure this bill will include them…”

Wayne Tedeschi appears more concerned by the Protestants than the Muslims. “It is very clear that bible bashing heretic protestants are not Christian, do not believe in Christ, and do not follow the Bible.”


It is difficult to find actual examples of persecution of  Christians in Australia despite plentiful evidence of the persecution of LGBTIQ people by and on behalf of Christians.

Some people still think it okay to maim or kill LGBTIQ people on behalf of Christianity.

But when did we last hear of an LGBTIQ person beating up or murdering a Christian on behalf of sexuality or identity?

Come to think of it, when did LGBTIQ people last organise to imprison or otherwise punish people for their religious beliefs?

When did LGBTIQ people last organise to burn Christians at the stake?

Was there ever a war where LGBTIQ people invaded a country to force their beliefs on the inhabitants?

Did some country ever insist all citizens become LGBTIQ or face either exile or death?

Perhaps it escaped my attention that LGBTIQ people at one stage organised to prevent Christians from marrying in their faith?

And LGBTIQ people will never forget that some Christians celebrated AIDS as the wrath of God, visited on humanity to eliminate our kind from the planet.

The LGBTIQ communities can consign the past to the past, but not while we are demonised and legislated against to placate wannabe martyrs claiming imaginary persecution.

Freedom’s just another word for…

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