Dear Alan Jones, one last time, this is not the bloody flu

dear alan jones not the bloody flu
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Dear Alan Jones, on your television show last night, you described the pandemic as having “a fatality rate little different to a bad flu season.” Mr Jones, this is not the bloody flu.

Respiratory diseases from seasonal influenza kill up to 650,000 people a year globally. That’s out of the approximately one billion people that catch flu annually.

By comparison, up until today there have been 8,446,776 cases of COVID-19 worldwide.

697,222 of those cases resulted in death. So even before the passing of a full calendar year, we already see COVID-19 killing far more people than flu. That’s despite many less people contracting COVID-19 than influenza.

And we have vaccines for flu, something we do not have for COVID-19.

Additionally, the US Centers for Disease Control describes COVID-19 as more contagious than influenza. People with COVID-19 remain contagious longer and more superspreading events occur with the new coronavirus.

Dear Alan Jones, here are some actual statistics…

Evidence from countries which did not institute lockdowns and other restrictions indicates Australia would have many more cases and deaths but for those measures.

You mentioned Sweden in your program as a shining example of a country which did not institute a lockdown.

But you failed to mention that yesterday Swedens death rate per million people from COVID-19 stood at 568.65. That makes Sweden’s death rate per million even worse than the US rate of 467.85.

And where does Australia rate?


Dear Alan Jones, no one wants to be known as a COVID Karen, a covidiot that spreads false information and undermines the community effort against the pandemic.

How to get rich and bury Granny

You also quoted Andrew Bolt saying that 40 per cent of aged care residents die within nine months of going into a home anyway.

“So Victoria’s bans are doing huge damage essentially to save aged care residents from dying a few months earlier.”

In other words, we would benefit economically if we just accepted people dying a bit earlier.

Taking that rationale a little further, people used to take their aged grannies out and leave them on a snow-capped mountain top when they stopped being productive.

Be careful what you wish for dear.

Dear Alan Jones, this is not the bloody flu.

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