David Attenborough narrated this same-sex albatross courtship

David Attenborough narrates same-sex gay albatross pair on new Frozen Planet II series.
Images: BBC

David Attenborough has narrated a same-sex albatross pair’s courtship in new series Frozen Planet II and it’s an emotional rollercoaster.

The nature documentary legend’s new BBC series Frozen Planet II kicked off in the UK, traversing the icy waters of Antarctica.

And in the latest episode, he talks about the mating habits of Antipodean wandering albatrosses as they search for companionship on a small patch of island in spring.

In a clip, one of the female albatrosses attracts the eye of a male admirer, who at age 14 is looking for a partner.

The hopeful bird approaches and starts his very elaborate courtship ritual, which includes sky pointing, head bobbing and synchronised wing-spreading.

But as Sir David explains competition is fierce, and other males soon intrude on his big moment.

Several other albatrosses swoop in and begin flexing their own wings. Attenborough explains that size matters and the greater the wingspan, the more attractive the male will appear.

But then the female albatross soon loses interest in all of them and flies away.

“It seems that this is not going to be his year after all,” Attenborough explains.

But then in a twist, another male swoops in and begins the courtship ritual all over again in front of the other male.

“This could still be the one with whom he will share the rest of his life,” Attenborough says.

‘The antipodean albatross said gay rights’

David Attenborough says albatrosses can stay committed to each other for up to 50 years. He added same-sex relationships between albatrosses are becoming “increasingly common”.

There are currently three times as many males as females, because of industrial fishing in their usual feeding spots, Sir David says.

“A same-sex partnership like this may bring no survival advantage, but is apparently preferable to a life alone,” he says in the Frozen Planet II clip.

Frozen Planet II viewers reacted to watching the same-sex couple get together, with one describing the scene as “an emotional rollercoaster”.

“GAY ALBATROSS ON FROZEN PLANET!” one person exclaimed on Twitter.

“There are some GAY ALBATROSSES on Frozen Planet right now and I’m not emotionally stable enough to handle it today,” another wrote.

“Not me crying at Frozen Planet 2 because the albatross same-sex couple don’t wanna be on their own,” one person wrote.

“The antipodean albatross said gay rights,” another declared.

An Australian airdate of Frozen Planet II is yet to be announced.

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