Dannii Minogue reacts to losing followers over gay dating show

Dannii Minogue in a promo photo for I Kissed A Boy
Image: BBC

Dannii Minogue has hilariously clapped back after losing followers over her hosting duties on UK gay dating show I Kissed A Boy.

The BBC series follows a group of gay guys in a villa who kiss a partner matched by experts.

But while the show sounds like a simple Love Island clone, it’s received great reviews in the UK for its authenticity.

Dannii Minogue proudly plays “fairy godmother” to the boys. And the longtime ally has shared a blunt message to followers who weren’t impressed to see her taking part.

“I think people have been scared to make a show like this. I get the feeling sometimes it’s like, ‘Oh, well not everyone wants to see that,'” she told podcast Reign with Josh Smith.

“And you know what my answer is? You don’t have to watch.

“There’s plenty of other programming out there. You literally do not have to turn the TV on people.”

Dannii also revealed, “I got a bunch of messages when we had announced that the show was starting. A bunch of people saying, ‘I am now unfollowing you. This is just too much.’

“And I’m thinking all the years of Mardi Gras and Pride and this is too much for you?

“I think that there’s something where it’s okay if I’m in sequins and on stage singing. But to have a TV show where you’re gonna see two guys kissing and it’s not in the clubs, it’s not something hidden away really does affect some people.

“But again, I revert to, they don’t have to watch it!

“If they wanna unfollow me and say anything like that, you should have unfollowed me a long time ago.”

No Australian release date for I Kissed A Boy

Earlier this month, Dannii Minogue said it was “an honour to host this show and flex my muscles as fairy godmother/cupid in helping these gorgeous humans in their search for love.”

The longtime ally described the support she gets from queer fans as “a huge hug”.

Dannii also recently reflected on her 1990s gigs at London club night G-A-Y at a time when association with queer spaces was a corporate no-no.

“Record companies didn’t want anyone to perform at gay clubs at the time,” she told the BBC.

“You really were at the mercy of what a journalist said about you, which could be completely fabricated.

“It was drilled into [artists] by record companies and management that you can’t be gay, that will ruin your career.”

But now, gay nightclubs are “the place to promote your record. The crowd is pop music lovers, so it could make or break you,” Dannii explained.

She also hopes I Kissed A Boy, the UK’s first show of its kind, “kicks the door open” for more.

I Kissed A Boy is currently airing on the BBC, but there’s no Australian release date yet.

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