Daniel Radcliffe stuns as Weird Al Yankovic

Daniel Radcliffe Weird Al Yankovic

The first trailer for the much anticipated Weird Al Yankovic satirical biopic featuring Daniel Radcliffe has finally dropped.

And it’s as weird and wild as we expected.

Daniel Radcliffe is Weird Al Yankovic

Daniel Radcliffe has made a career out of interesting and different film roles since finishing the Harry Potter franchise.

And his latest choice to play Weird Al Yankovic in Weird: The Al Yankovic Story is no exception.

Complete with the iconic curly mop of hair and moustache, Daniel Radcliffe is every bit the 80’s, parody superstar.

Our first look at the trailer explores the rise of the singer as he became a global comedy talent.

Also drawing focus on his relationship with Madonna.

The two are seen making out and partying together in the preview for the upcoming film.

Not to mention some weird, wild shirtless antics from a very buff Daniel Radcliffe.

But don’t get too excited. Much like his musical career, the film is a satirical biopic, intentionally designed to exaggerate and in some cases fabricate moments in his life for comical effect.

Weird: The Al Yankovic Story

The only thing weirder than the upcoming film is how it came to be.

Aaron Paul, star of Breaking Bad was originally involved in the idea that spawned the movie.

The actor appeared in a fake trailer for the film in a skit shot for Funny Or Die nine years ago.

Weird Al Yankovic even starred in the trailer himself.

But just how did Daniel Radcliffe get involved?

In 2010 the Harry Potter star appeared on the Graham Norton show with Colin Farrell and Rihanna.

During his appearance on the program, he chose to show off his musical talents with a very unusual song.

Asking the audience if they knew who Tom Lehrer was he quickly launched into an impressive version of The Elements Song.

The “song” essentially involved reciting all of the chemical elements (known at the time of writing) and Radcliffe managed to belt out all 102 in just over a minute.

Apparently, it was this quirky talent that caught the attention of Weird Al Yankovic who later went on to select him for his role in the film. You can watch the full performance below.

Weird: The Al Yankovic Story is set to debut at The Toronto International Film Festival in September.

It is set for release on the Roku channel in the US in October.

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