Dani Laidley receives financial settlement from Victoria Police

dani laidley victoria police settlement
Images: Dani Laidley/Instagram, Julian Meehan/Flickr

Former AFL coach Dani Laidley has received a confidential financial settlement from Victoria Police after officers leaked images of her in custody online.

In 2020, officers leaked the photos of Laidley wearing a blonde wig, dress and make-up. The photos were widely shared on social media and published by newspapers.

Laidley sued the state government over the Victoria Police leak in May last year.

She had sought aggravated and exemplary damages after alleging the officers breached their duty of care.

Laidley alleged the leak brought her “into public ridicule and contempt and [she] has suffered, and continues to suffer, loss and damage.”

This week, Victoria Police confirmed they’d reached a settlement with Dani Laidley and the legal action had ended.

“By agreement of both parties to the litigation, the terms of settlement are confidential,” a Victoria Police spokesperson said.

“As per standard process, any discipline proceedings relevant to the members charged criminally will follow the conclusion of those criminal matters.”

The amount of the settlement is unknown.

Dani Laidley will receive compensation from Victoria Police officers over leak

In May 2020, Dani Laidley was in custody after police officers arrested her for stalking a woman.

The leaked photos showed Laidley inside the police station wearing a dress, long blonde wig and makeup, and mugshot. Laidley’s gender transition wasn’t publicly known at that time.

After an internal investigation, 39 Victoria Police officers faced internal disciplinary action over the leak.

Dani Laidley will also receive compensation from other police officers involved.

Police also ultimately charged three officers with a range of offences in the scandal.

Earlier this month, a judge acquitted Detective Senior Constable Murray Gentner of the charges against him.

Victoria Police also charged Senior Constable Shane Reid and Constable David Hall. The two officers will face hearings later this year.

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  1. ST
    26 March 2022

    Sadly too may Transgender women face the same, similar or worse criminal offenses committed by police towards Transgender Women all around Australia,
    I still live with the damage and trauma that police did myself destroying life and my future and I have no way of getting justice.
    I live with the trauma; damaged, broken, in so much pain yet because I am not famous or anyone to care about I go without an apology or compensation suffering everyday.
    Transgender women need to stick together and support each other to see and live justice, NOT suffering broke, isolated and unheard.
    -My depression is getting worse and I find no one cares.
    # justice for all Transgender Women#

    Lets start a class action against police to get justice for ALL Transgender Women.

    Is their any Transgender support group or organisation that will listen to our stories and help all of us?

  2. Keira
    9 April 2022

    I am happy the qld police have always been supportive and never ridiculed or harassed me.

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