Cute TV ad with lesbian kiss attracts over 100 complaints

Extra ad with a lesbian kiss most complained about of the year
Image: Mars Wrigley

Australia’s Ad Standards watchdog says a cute TV ad for Extra chewing gum featuring two women kissing was sadly one of the most complained about of the year.

The short ad depicts two women in a car listening to music. When Carly Rae’s bop Call Me Maybe comes on, the nervous driver chews a piece of Extra and starts dancing.

The other woman also takes a piece of gum and gets into the music too. Then, the two women lean over and kiss each other in silhouette.

Ad Standards said the chewing gum ad was the third most complained about ad of 2023. In total, 126 Australians were very, very unhappy about it.

The complaints, published by Ad Standards and ultimately dismissed, were a bit of a mixed bag.

“One female suddenly and aggresively grabs the other girl suddenly and kisses her. There was no consent before this happened,” one person wrote.

“No product should be used to promote aggression and invading the space of others without permission.”

“To many same sex relationships in the media all the time [sic]. It needs to be tolerated but should not be advertised as the norm,” another told the watchdog.

“My children should not be exposed to 2 women kissing on a Saturday morning on free to air TV,” another wrote.

“We are so sick of seeing same sex relationships being promoted as the norm in public media… please clean it up,” someone else raged.

Ad Standards dismisses complaints about Extra ad

In its determination, the watchdog dismissed all of the complaints after finding there was no indication that “the kiss was unwelcome or not consensual”.

Ad Standards also declared the advertisement “doesn’t contain a depiction of sex”. Moreover, the two women’s kiss was “not highly sexualised or graphic.”

Company Mars Wrigley also strongly refuted the complaints in their response to the Ad Standards watchdog.

“The idea of the campaign was to show that confidence is embracing yourself and the things that you love,” the company said.

“We believe all people are equal. We celebrate diversity and what makes us all truly unique.

“While not everyone shares the same views as us, we do believe we have an opportunity to use our platform to celebrate and champion inclusivity and diversity.

“We hope to create a better, more inclusive world where everyone is treated with respect, dignity, and fairness.”

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  1. Colin Hauville
    15 December 2023

    100 complaints! Why is this even newsworthy considering the ad was probably seen by hundreds of thousands. We have to stop giving voice to the minute number of bigots/ homophobes who live among us.

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