Culture wars: BLM & Trans rights opponents struggle with fact

culture wars blm trans rights

Recent research demonstrates that opponents of BLM and Trans rights struggle with fact. The Policy Institute of Kings College London and Ipsos MORI examined the six most debated issues in Britain’s culture wars. Pandemic lockdowns topped the list, followed by BLM and then Trans rights.

Researchers also surveyed attitudes to Brexit, the British Empire and party politics.

The study examined three elements of community polarisation. Researchers assessed how strongly people identified with a side in a culture war debate. They also measured the social distance between the two sides. Finally, they looked at perceptual bias — whether group identity affected perceptions of measurable realities. In other words, whether some groups, chose a reality that fitted their existing beliefs.

Black Lives Matter

68% of respondents either opposed or indifferent to BLM believed Black employees in Britain earn the same as their White counterparts. Black workers in Britain actually earn 9% less for the equivalent work.

Those findings line up with the recent US experience where opponents of BLM continue to argue that Antifa orchestrated the 6 January assault on the US Capitol despite indisputable evidence to the contrary.

Trans rights

82% of respondents opposed to increased Trans rights or in favour of diminished Trans rights believed that Trans people were no more vulnerable to crime than anyone else. In fact, Trans people in the UK are twice as likely to become a victim of crime than members of the general population.

In another finding, the research found that opponents of pandemic lockdowns are prone to believing conspiracy theories.

65% of British lockdown opponents believe the authorities deliberately exaggerate deaths from COVID-19. 41% view the pandemic as part of a global conspiracy to enforce vaccination. However, only 8% link coronavirus to 5G. Perhaps, there is still hope.

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