Cub Sport singer Tim Nelson comes out as gender ‘free’

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Musician Tim Nelson, who is part of Brisbane alt-pop band Cub Sport, has taken to social media to declare they identify as gender “free”.

In an essay on Instagram, Nelson explained “the gender binary has made navigating life more difficult” and they want to “move forward identifying as ‘free’.”

“I feel very privileged to be able to connect with and express my whole self without risking my safety, employment status, home, etc,” Nelson wrote.

“You can use pronouns he/him or they/them but this is more about identifying as free within myself.

“Free to follow my heart, free to flow with the energies inside and around me, free to form my own self not built by others.

“This isn’t about finding a new label that makes me more comfortable, it’s about removing labels.”

After the band released music in December, Nelson came to the realisation reading social media commentary over their gender expression.

“I had more and more comments on socials like ‘Is that a boy or a girl?’ ‘What is that?'” Nelson recalled.

“I feel like they may have been trolling me or attacking me but those comments actually made me happy.”

They continued, “I felt really joyful that their labels couldn’t define me, they couldn’t confine me. I was like Yes! I’m me and I’m expansive!”


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Free to form my own self not built by others 💗

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Cub Sport’s Tim Nelson is married to bandmate Sam Netterfield

Tim Nelson is the lead vocalist in the popular Brisbane band.

Nelson married Cub Sport bandmate Sam Netterfield at a ceremony in Brisbane in August 2018.

The couple explained to Triple J they were high school friends who fell in love over eight years while touring together.

Cub Sport are set to release their fourth album, titled Like Nirvana, in May.

In October, Nelson collaborated with Darren Hayes on Cub Sport track I Never Cried So Much In My Whole Life.

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