Cub Sport address ‘scary’ homophobic backlash against album title

Brisbane alternative pop band Cup Sport
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Brisbane band Cub Sport are just a couple of days away from dropping their new album, Jesus At The Gay Bar, on Good Friday.

But the pop group have called out some of the “seriously scary” and “violent” comments hurled at them since confirming the record’s title in January.

This week lead singer Tim Nelson, who’s non-binary, shared the personal meaning behind the title in a social media post.

“I’ve chosen not to include some comments because they were seriously scary and violent. But I wanted to address this here,” Tim wrote.

“I’m fully aware that the name and release date of our new album Jesus At The Gay Bar could be read as provocative/controversial.

“And I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like that.

“But to me, the name of this album and the statement of releasing on Good Friday isn’t flippant.”

Tim said the name of the album was very personal and “really significant” to them.

“This name and imagery is really significant for me in coming to a place of peace with myself, my sexuality and also peace with feeling acceptance of who I believe Jesus to be (now) after the torment of growing up in the church.

“I don’t expect it to be for everyone. But I think it’s going to be really powerful and healing for other people who’ve walked a similar path to me.”


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‘I’m not worries about judgement day’

Tim Nelson went on, “For the record, I’m not worried about judgement day.

“There is nothing in this heart of mine that ever needs to be healed. Lead with love.”

They urged fans not to be “rude to these commenters or say anything that’s going to push them further away from understanding.”

“Try be considered and compassionate, as hard as that can be sometimes,” they wrote.


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The Brisbane four-piece comprises Tim Nelson and Sam Netterfield, who are a couple, and bandmates Zoe Davis and Dan Puusaari.

Jesus at the Gay Bar is out on Good Friday. On the album art, Tim Nelson and Sam Netterfield embrace, with Sam showing off his jockstrap.

The music video for lead single Keep Me Safe also tells the story of the couple’s relationship.

Later this year, the band are embarking on a national tour.

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