Crusader Watch: shithead, bonk ban & traditional marriage

bonk ban traditional marriage shithead

Casting his mind back to 2017 for an ABC political documentary, once Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce raged against ‘shithead’ Malcolm Turnbull and his ministerial ‘bonk ban’ but ignored 2017’s issue du jour  – marriage equality and something he relentlessly promoted as ‘traditional marriage’.


Occasionally, we like to check in on the modern-day crusaders. You know. The moralists who create a God after their own image and then strive to have everyone else obey their rather convenient diety.

Since LGBTQIA+ law reform began in the seventies, the crusader focus has often been on stopping and even reversing such reforms.

The political power and income of the crusaders often derive from their  anti-LGBTQIA+ activity. Yes. Bigots build careers on hatred — and hatred alone.

So we take a keen interest in every word they utter.

Barnaby Joyce’s traditional marriage crusade

Reputedly conservative Australian politician Barnaby Joyce took a leading role in the crusade against Marriage Equality for many years. He claimed he acted in defence of ‘Traditional Marriage’.

But in 2017 during the debate that would decide the issue, he failed to mention his own concurrent adultery.

Yes! Mr Traditional Marriage had tossed aside his wife and family for a sexual affair with an employee almost half his age.

Exposure of the affair led to PM Malcolm Turnbull imposing a ‘bonk ban’ on ministers and their staffers. In the recent ABC documentary Nemesis, Joyce rages against Turnbull calling him a shithead and complaining that the then Prime Minister was involving himself in Joyce’s personal life.

This from a man who thought the personal life of every adult Australian was his concern.

That he should have some say on who other consenting adults could marry.

Hypocrisy what!

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