Crossword: orientation, identity and International Pronouns Day

international pronouns day

Sexual orientation, gender identity, and pronouns remain contentious issues in the general community and even sometimes in LGBTIQ communities. Indeed, some people struggle to keep up with the terminology. So on International Pronouns Day, here’s a crossword to help in understanding.

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Humans, are now and always were, all the same, but all so different.

Because of our tribal nature, we once clung desperately to people exactly the same as ourselves and regarded anyone different as an enemy. Of course, some people remain of that mind. They can be found in the dictionary under F for f***ing idiot.

People of diverse sexual orientation and gender identity always existed. Simply, in days of old, when society frowned on difference, people avoided discussion of such ‘distasteful’ or taboo topics. Over time, better educated and increasingly tolerant societies became more open to discussion and so developed terminology to facilitate the conversation.

International Pronouns Day Crossword

Recently, discussion turns increasingly to pronouns. Some folk struggle to move on from the social norms of the past. However, times change, once commonplace perceptions are proven inaccurate and the language evolves.

The Earth is no longer flat. We no longer use lead in our cosmetics. Most of us call a horseless carriage a car. And some people identify by the pronoun ‘they’. It’s not that hard.

In days of yore, people used ‘you’ as a plural pronoun and thee, thy and thou as singular.

Thou no longer say thee to describe thyself and likewise can become accustomed to the word they.

Really, it’s all just a matter of good manners – treating people as you’d like to be treated yourself.

Above all, it’s about kindness and generosity of spirit.

Happy International Pronouns Day.

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