Credlin alleges gay orgies & rent boys in Parliament House

peta credlin parliament house gay sex orgies rent boyss

With conservative political forces in disarray following recent allegations of rape and sexual impropriety, Peta Credlin last night added gay sex into the salacious mix. Tony Abbott’s former chief of staff alleged that Liberal staffers held gay sex orgies in Parliament House. Further, she claimed a former minister invited rent boys to his ministerial office.

The activities alleged by Credlin, though salacious, appear to be legal.

Gay sex orgies

Credlin said that in her time as chief of staff, the Liberals fired a staffer for ‘disloyalty’. Later, the MP who employed him, ‘cleaned out’ the man’s desk and computer.

“That MP uncovered evidence that for many months that staffer had regularly met with other men, in the middle of the day, when the MP was in question time, for orgies in political offices.”

Peta Credlin also claimed to know another man sacked this week for filming himself masturbating over an MP’s desk.

“That bloke I demanded to be sacked years earlier.”

Credlin said she also knew the identity of the men accused this week of masturbating in parliamentary offices.

“The other three that Peter van Onselen broke in his story this week, I know who you are. I see you.”

Rent boys

Then, she moved on to an elected representative.

“The former minister who is alleged to have male prostitutes delivered to Parliament House … the former minister? I see you too.”

Notably, Credlin named no names.

Recent Scandals

The Sky News ‘personality’ made the revelations following a number of sex scandals that left the conservative right of Australian politics reeling.

Late last year, ABC’s Four Corners revealed that married minister Alan Tudge conducted an affair with one of his staffers. The staffer concerned since commenced legal action against Tudge for workplace harassment.

In recent weeks, attention shifted to news that a now-deceased South Australian woman accused a Cabinet Minister of raping her in 1988. Following fevered social media speculation, Attorney-General Christian Porter admitted the allegation concerned him. He denied that he raped the woman and immediately went on leave.

Since then, former Liberal staffer Brittany Higgins alleged yet another staffer raped her in Defence Minister Linda Reynold’s office after a night of heavy drinking.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison faces allegations that members of his government tried to cover up the incident.

Yesterday, the Liberal speaker of the Tasmanian Parliament threw petrol on that particular fire with comments about Senator Eric Abetz.

Sue Hickey said that she asked Senator Abetz during a ceremony in Hobart on 1 March if the rape allegations concerned Christian Porter.

“The senator quickly responded that yes … but not to worry, the woman is dead and the law will protect him.

She said Abetz continued, “As for that Higgins girl, anybody so disgustingly drunk who would sleep with anybody could have slept with one of our spies and put the security of the nation at risk.”

Abetz denied the claim.

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  1. Peter Turner
    25 March 2021

    Peta Credlin is pretending to be a journalist again. Why make these allegations and then refuse to name the alleged perpetrators. Are her ratings on Sky News After Dark plummeting again? Daniel Andrews had the right attitude when he called her out at one of his press engagements. She never questioned him again. Tony Abbott listened to her advice and look where it got him!!

    25 March 2021

    These allegations against the conservative members of our parliament will continue until the Liberal Party recognise that they are not liberals but conservatives, and need to be reformed. The conservatives are holding back political progress towards a fairer and more just society in Australia. Gay people who continue in support of these people are participating in this hindrance to progress.

  3. Pietro Bandini
    25 March 2021

    Why hasn’t it taken this Gob on legs all thus time to come out either all this xrap

  4. Dr. Wendell Rosevear
    27 March 2021

    Maybe Humans work in Parliament House and maybe we should collectively start valuing People, Choice and Honesty so we can all enjoy sex and “treat people how we would like to be treated” instead of having a culture of denial, hypocrisy, pretense and power. The combination of boredom, power games and denial would make many humans vulnerable to want to escape into alcohol, drugs and sex. Prevention comes from Acceptance and Respect for Honesty but I don’t here anyone saying that. I only hear people wanting to judge and reject. Let’s give people who identify as victims a choice of Mediated Resolution if they don’t get relief in Adversarial “Justice” and prevent deaths. Let’s “….make Love infectious”

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