Isolated Aussie stars phone in beautiful cover of ‘What A Wonderful World’

john foreman aussie pops orchestra what a wonderful world support act duet coronavirus covid-19 isolation

A group of Australia’s best-known performers have beat the COVID-19 isolation blues with a beautiful rendition of Louis Armstrong’s What A Wonderful World.

Musician John Foreman’s Aussie Pops Orchestra rallied the artists for the performance to give us a little respite during the pandemic.

“This rotten virus has affected everyone, but the impact on the arts community has been particular severe,” Foreman said.

“Concerts, tours, theatre shows and so much more [were] all suddenly cancelled.

“But in spite of this, the brilliant musicians of the Aussie Pops Orchestra and the amazing, wonderful guest artists didn’t hesitate to phone in their parts.”

He said the project is to raise awareness of music industry charity Support Act. The charity is helping local artists who’ve lost their livelihoods due to the pandemic.

“We really hope this song will brighten your day and draw attention to the wonderful work of Support Act.”

Artists taking part include Courtney Act, Dami Im, Casey Donovan, Sheldon Riley, Rhonda Burchmore, Harrison Craig, Trevor Ashley, Isaiah Firebrace, Silvie Paladino, Maria Venuti, Lucy Durack, Aydan Calafiore, Bert and Patti Newton, Denis Walter and John Foreman’s Aussie Pops Orchestra.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, arts communities need you in the audience

John Foreman urged all Australians to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“When this current crisis is over, arts communities everywhere will be looking for your face in the audience,” he said.

“We hope it’s not too long before we can experience live music, together in the same room. But, for now, please enjoy the Aussie Pops Isolation Orchestra.”

Do yourself a favour and watch the amazing long-distance performance below:

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