Courtney Act Opens Up About Overcoming Her Own Sexual Racism

Courtney Act

Australian drag queen Courtney Act has talked about overcoming her own “sexual racism”, admitting that she has been guilty of colour-biased dating choices in the past.

Taking to Twitter, Courtney wrote in a lengthy thread that she grew up in a society that “taught me to be racist,” adding that she now dates people of all ethnicities and that her sex life “has never been more fulfilled.”

“Growing up in Australia I was never provided with examples of people of colour being sexually desirable (let alone queer POC),” she said.

“It makes sense that I have socialised racisms when it comes to my sexual preference which is why I have had to consciously unpack those over the years.

“Now as a white gay of a certain age I realise I grew up in a society that taught me to be racist.

“The truth is, once examined, I’m attracted to people irrespective of their skin colour, and my dating and sex life has never been… more fulfilled.”

“I started by not swiping so fast on Grindr, I used to unconsciously swipe faster on a person of colour.

“As an exercise I tried to just pause, look, & see what my bodily sense felt about the image in front of me, surprised by how many people I actually thought were attractive that I had previously swiped over.

“If nothing else you’re increasing your odds of getting laid!!!”

Act finished her post by writing, “If you think being deliberate is somehow racist, we are bombarded with images of white beauty our whole lives, I think making a deliberate effort to break through that noise is just due diligence.”

She also included a link to a video by LGBT+ activist and author Alexander Leon about sexual racism.

Sexual racism on Grindr

Earlier this month, hookup app Grindr also launched its bid to tackle sexual racism on its platform, with the launch of its new initiative “Kindr”.

The initiative will tackle issues such as sexual racism, transphobia, and fat shaming through a combination of new community guidelines, stricter enforcement policies and a series of videos raising awareness.

Courtney Act is no stranger to teachable moments. Before being crowned the winner of Celebrity Big Brother UK earlier this year, she taught her fellow housemates about gender diversity.

The drag star will next host bisexual dating show The Bi Life, premiering on Foxtel later this month.


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