Couple had ‘GRINDR’ number plate for years before discovering app

Queensland couple had Grindr number plate for years
Images: The Project

A tradie whose wife gifted him the personalised “GRINDR” registration plate years before they discovered the gay hookup app has now put it up for sale.

In a hilarious interview on The Project, the couple said their car always attracted a mysterious amount of attention but they could never figure out why.

Chris Herbing explained that in Victoria around 15 years ago, she had gifted her husband Steve the custom rego plate “GRINDR”.

He was working as a professional precision metal grinder at the time. Grindr was first launched in 2009.

“We were driving down Hoddle Street [in Melbourne] one afternoon,” Christine recalled.

“A friend of mine who’s a line dancer, and who’s gay and gorgeous… pulled up alongside us.

“He’s beeping at the horn and carrying on. Then he starts ringing me and goes, ‘Your number plate! Your number plate!’”

Steve suddenly had an explanation for why other men would wink at him and blow him kisses when stopped at traffic lights.

He recalled his first reaction was, “Well, we thought of it first.”

“My engineering business was involved in precision grinding,” he said.

“A lot of people were getting number plates like ‘Builder’ and ‘Chippy’. Chris said I could get ‘Grinder’.”

Couple give up GRINDR registration plate after move

Chris went ahead and did that. She said the spelling with one letter missing was the only way the word would fit on the plate.

But now the couple have now moved interstate and want to pass on the “GRINDR” personalised plate. After their kids said no, they’ve put it up for sale.

“We’re now living up in Queensland so we had to get the car re-registered,” Chris explained.

Steve and Christine have put the number plate on sale to a motorist in Victoria.

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