Keen gardeners are often on the watch for damage their dog may do to their carefully nurtured plants, but few would be on the watch for the damage the plants may do to the dog.

The bulbs of Daffodils, Jonquils, Tulips, Spider Lilies, Nerines, and Crocus are all poisonous.
Bulbs often prove an attractive toy for puppies and or adult dogs, particularly those who love to play with a ball. Burning Bush, Castor Oil Plant, Daphne, Foxglove, Golden Chain, Ivy, Larkspur, Lily of the Valley, Mock Orange, Monkshood, Mountain Laurel, Rhododendron and Sweet Peas are among others which are poisonous.
Indoor plants are also best placed out of reach of the dog and cat as Dumb Cane, Elephant Ears, and Cyclamens may be chewed by the bored pup with dire results. If your dog eats a plant which you suspect may be poisonous contact your local veterinarian immediately. If you are unsure of the qualities or the identity of the plant your local nursery will be able to assist.

There are some common garden plants and grasses which may cause an allergic reaction in dogs – Wandering Jew is a common cause of dogs with itchy feet and lower legs and stomach rashes – as is paspalam and rye grass. Keeping the lawns mown to prevent seeding, or restricting the dogs to mown areas, will help prevent a reaction to grasses.

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