Cory Bernardi’s Attack On ‘Do It In A Dress Day’ Fundraiser Backfires

Do It In A Dress

A transphobic attack from Cory Bernardi on a South Australian school’s “Do It In A Dress” fundraiser has instead attracted tens of thousands of dollars in charity donations.

For their end of term “Casual Clothes Day,” students at Craigburn Primary School chose to support the “Do It In A Dress” charity which raises money to educate girls in Africa.

In a blog post, the school said students could wear their choice of a dress or casual clothes in exchange for a gold coin donation with the money going “towards providing teachers, equipment like books and pencils, making schools safe for children to attend and providing an education so that girls can look forward to a positive future.”

But Senator Cory Bernardi took to his Twitter to hit out at the fundraiser, writing: “One school in SA now has ‘wear a dress day’. This gender morphing is really getting absurd.”

Comedian Josh Thomas responded to Bernardi by tweeting his support for the students and linked his 440,000 Twitter followers to the school’s fundraising page encouraging everyone to donate.

“These kids were being sweet, compassionate and kind. Their cause is worthy. I’m going to donate $1000 to support them,” Thomas tweeted, later telling his followers he’d upped that amount to $2000.

The school’s original goal of raising $900 for the cause had soared past $23,000 by Thursday morning.

“I only heard of this fundraising due to Cory Bernadi’s criticisms of you and your school. Please don’t listen to him – you kids are doing a wonderful thing. Please accept this contribution instead,” one donor wrote.

“Fantastic job to all the students involved! Wonderful to see children being global empathetic citizens in a fun way, who care for others around the globe,” another wrote.

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