Cory Bernardi has resigned ‘effective immediately’

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Cory Bernardi has quit politics “effective immediately” after more than a decade of opposing LGBTIQ rights.

The former Liberal and now Independent senator gave his letter of resignation to Senate President Scott Ryan on Thursday. Senator Ryan said Bernardi’s resignation would take effect “immediately”.

The Liberal Party selected Bernardi as a senator for South Australia in 2006. Later, he quit the party and in 2017 formed his own, the Australian Conservatives.

The party attracted the likes of Lyle Shelton but Bernardi ultimately shut it down in June 2019. He cited “lack of political success” at the 2019 election.

“The inescapable conclusion [from the] re-election of a Morrison-led government is that the rationale for the creation of the Australian Conservatives is no longer valid,” he said at the time.

Bernardi’s party vowed to work to repeal same-sex marriage legislation to “restore marriage in our legislation and our culture” and “support the natural family.”

Cory Bernardi best known for ‘bestiality’ rant

Bernardi first announced his plans to retire from politics in November, claiming his “integrity is intact” and he had “few” regrets.

The senator was staunchly opposed to LGBTIQ rights over the years. He had a major role in the “no” group Coalition for Marriage during the postal survey.

In 2012, Senator Bernardi infamously lost a job as parliamentary secretary after he linked same-sex marriage to polygamy and bestiality.

“The next step, quite frankly, is having three people or four people that love each other being able to enter into a permanent union endorsed by society — or any other type of relationship,” he said.

“There are even some creepy people out there [who] say it is OK to have consensual sexual relations between humans and animals.

“Will that be a future step? In the future will we say, ‘These two creatures love each other and maybe they should be able to be joined in a union’.

“I think that these things are the next step.”

As recently as last February, Bernardi was still claiming passing marriage equality had led to “advocacy” for “human-beast relations”.

Bernardi claims Safe Schools ‘bullies’ straight students

Bernardi campaigned against the Safe Schools anti-bullying program, claiming it “bullies heterosexual children into submission for the gay agenda”.

In 2017, he robocalled thousands of voters to warn marriage equality would lead to “radical gay sex education” in schools.

In 2008, Bernardi argued “same-sex relationships are not the same as marital relationships and to treat them the same is to suspend common sense.”

He said society shouldn’t “throw open the doors and welcome those whose relationships are uncharacteristic of the most basic elements of a marital union.”

After Bernardi’s departure, a Liberal from his home state of South Australia will now fill his seat.

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