Cop This! Police Chief Says Everyone Deserves Same Rights

Gay cops deserve the “same rights as everyone else”.

That’s the now public view of Victoria Police chief commissioner Graham Ashton, who has thrown his support behind same-sex marriage.

“We think (same-sex marriage is) probably something that should’ve happened a while ago,” Mr Ashton told 3AW radio.

“We’ve got a lot of officers that identify as LGBTI … we’re largely supportive of them having the same rights as everyone else.”

While Mr Ashton (pictured) has previously spoken about the need for a debate free from harassment and violence, it is the first time he has supported a ‘Yes’ vote.

It also means all arms of Victoria’s emergency services now publicly back same-sex marriage.

In September, Ambulance Victoria released a video saying it supported an “inclusive and diverse workplace and community,” while the United Firefighters Union urged Australians to vote ‘Yes’ in the national postal survey.

“Fire doesn’t discriminate and neither will we … stand with us in supporting our LGBTIQ community and vote in the postal survey for marriage equality,” a female firefighter says in the video.

Rod Gardiner

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