Conservatives blast Labor candidate for tweeting ‘Jesus was gay’

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Coalition MPs and religious groups have called for Labor to dump a Senate candidate because she once tweeted “Jesus was gay”.

Mich-Elle Myers (pictured, above right) is fifth on Labor’s NSW Senate ticket at the upcoming election. But Coalition MPs and religious groups have criticised her for a string of resurfaced tweets about religion.

The Daily Telegraph published the now-deleted tweets this week. In 2013, Myers wrote, “Jesus was gay! You heard it hear first.”

The newspaper described Myers’ 2013 tweets as “radical leftist views,” including her support for changing the date of Australia Day and falsely claiming the Lindt Cafe siege wasn’t a terrorist attack.

In other tweets, Myers told the Pope to “get your head out of your arse!” and wrote, “I’ve had enough of the catholic church & the s__t that comes from their mouths”.

Myres apologised for the comments in a statement to the Telegraph.

“I regret these comments and I’m sorry for any offence they have caused,” she said.

A Labor spokesperson said Myers’ past comments don’t reflect the views of the party.

Liberal Senator slams Labor candidate, defends Katherine Deves

Queensland Liberal Senator Amanda Stoker (above left) said Labor should dump Myers because the party wanted Liberal candidate Katherine Deves disendorsed.

Deves caused outrage for weeks over her offensive, now-deleted tweets about transgender women and children, including likening trans advocacy to Nazi Germany.

Senator Stoker told Sky News, “[Labor] should apply the same standards to their own candidates as they have been intend upon forcing on others, including Katherine Deves.”

However Stoker added “it shouldn’t be the case that censorship writ large is required.”

“But I do think it is necessary to confront the reality of the things that we all stand for,” she said.

“When those things are pretty out there, there should be the same kind of scrutiny of somebody on the left as it is when it’s somebody from the Coalition.”

But Senator Stoker argued against the Coalition dumping Deves over her offensive tweets.

She argued “the principle [Deves] stands for” – banning trans women from sport – is “common sense” and “reasonable”.

“The only thing that’s unreasonable I think is the lack of balance with which that kind of [media] treatment is applied to the left,” she said.

Senator Stoker has previously come under fire for her own views on transgender women and children.

Calling Jesus Christ gay a ‘highly offensive’ smear

FamilyVoice Australia also slammed Labor candidate Mich-Elle Myers’ “Jesus was gay” tweet.

The Christian lobby group said the “appalling” and a “highly offensive” smear “would not be tolerated if it were about Islam.”

“This smear highlights she is unfit for higher office,” the group said.

“Anthony Albanese [should] immediately dump Mich-Elle Meyers as a candidate.”

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