Concerns raise for Molly Meldrum after bizarre antics continue

countdown Molly Meldrum

The latest incident in a string of bizarre behavior by Australian music icon Molly Meldrum has left fans extremely concerned.

Last week, witnesses alleged to have seen the 80-year-old Countdown star exposing his genitalia and urinating on the ground while sitting in the crowd at a Rod Stewart concert.

The concerning incident comes just two months after Meldrum sparked heavy backlash after mooning the audience while on stage at an Elton John concert.

Molly’s latest incident is particularly uncharacteristic of him, despite his reputation for cheeky behavior and wild sense of humor.

Although the incident is generating reactions of outrage and disgust, the majority of fans are simply concerned about the star’s system of care and support.

An update on Molly

3AW’s Dee Dee spoke with those close with Molly and provided an update on the latest incident, saying:

“I’ve spoken to people who care for Molly and look after him. They’re worried that people are getting the wrong impression that Molly is not being looked after properly,”

“There’s a group of people who care about Molly very much and who put a lot of work into making sure he is okay,” she says.

“It’s no secret that Molly has an aquired brain injury and has a lot of health considerations that people in their 80s have,

“On this particular occasion, I think it was just a moment where something in Molly’s care system slipped.

“And I think people will be very regretful about it, especially regretful that it has become so public.”

A time for respect

Though ever the shock jockey, it is evident that this latest incident is not a reflection of the Molly Australia knows and loves.

As Dee Dee suggests, those close to Molly recognise that this time is one of embarassment.

So, perhaps instead of people demanding that Molly be “cancelled,” it is now a time to give privacy and respect to Australia’s national treasure.

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Nate Woodall

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  1. Michael
    21 March 2023

    Seemingly taking his beloved catchphrase “Do yourself a favor” rather too literally in his latter years.

  2. Rodney Hall
    22 March 2023

    Molly is an Aussie and Gay icon. He’s just a boy from the bush who did something with his life and Australian / international music is the better for it. So many artists such as ABBA, Madonna etc have their careers to thank him for because without his and Countdown’s help they may never have got off the ground.

  3. claude
    24 March 2023

    It may well be a medical problem at 80 people have to take care an younger friends don’t understand I know when I have to go I mean I have to go an I’m 83 never understood my parents an the problem until now

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