Comune di Bugliano keeps Italians laughing during lockdown

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The satirist behind the Comune di Bugliano continues to keep Italians laughing during the grim days of the coronavirus lockdown. Last week, a tweet from the civic authorities of the fictional town fooled media who reported on it as fact. The tweet announced a ban on orgies, threesomes and gangbangs as a precaution against the spread of coronavirus. Now, there’s a PornHub scandal and a town Glory Hole.

Taking Bugliano to their hearts, many Italians claim in glowing reviews on social media to have visited the village. They particularly praise the local administration headed by Mayor Fabio Buggiani and local eatery The Offended Duck.

One review complimented the townspeople on maintaining ancient traditions.

“Older women still give themselves free of charge to visitors as a sign of welcome. It happens for young people too, but it’s necessary to leave a big tip.”

Another said, “If it didn’t exist, we’d have to invent it.”

PornHub scandal

However, with increased fame comes increased scrutiny. Recent scuttlebutt forced Mayor Buggiani to confront an internet porn scandal which came after PornHub offered Italians free access to their premium content during the coronavirus lockdown. Persons unknown posted a video to PornHub apparently shot at a local institution. It was not true, said the Mayor.


“We invite you to remove the video immediately or we will switch to legal ways!”

Unfortunately, some locals claimed to notice a resemblance between the woman in the video and the Mayor’s secretary. He strenuously denied that.

Glory Holelujah

Following that, the township suffered damage to its public amenities. Persons unknown, yet again! This time they made a hole in the wall of a public toilet, for reasons also unknown. The Mayor posted an angry response to the vandalism.

“We don’t know the reasons for this gesture, but we are very angry. Obviously we filed a complaint to the carabinieri.”

“Glory Holelujah!” posted one ratepayer.

But one more perceptive gentleman linked the glory hole to the previous scandal.

“Getting free Pornhub is giving good results. It allows you to learn new things.”

Another educated the Mayor.

“I think it’s a religious practice, a glory hole. You have to kneel like how you do in the chapel.”

Who is Comune di Bugliano?

To mark the first birthday of Bugliano’s social media presence, the anonymous person behind the pages told a little of their story.

In March 2019, while on holiday and bored, they became angry when Interior Minister Salvini refused to allow an NGO ship with refugees on board to dock. They wanted to respond but thought an institution might persuade the minister more easily than an individual person. So they created the Comune di Bugliano.

After creating a Twitter account and a blog, they sent out some tweets, always including sufficient elements to ensure readers could discern the tweets as satire. But what is satire in a world gone mad? Before long, contrary to the creator’s expectations, some politicians took the site’s tweets seriously and retweeted posts intended as humour.

The creator explained their reasoning for continuing the humour during the coronavirus lockdown.

“I don’t create damaging Fake News. I have fun and try to entertain…

“These days we are all worried, angry, stressed, but — in China, in South Korea — they made it. We’ll make it too.”

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