Companies threaten to sue ‘straight pride parade’

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Netflix and TripAdvisor have threatened legal action against the organisers of Boston’s controversial “straight pride” parade.

Super Happy Fun America, the group behind the parade, were lambasted for describing straight people as an “oppressed majority” who suffer “judgement and hate”.

The group recently posted to their website a list of 25 “prospective corporate sponsors” for the event ahead of the parade.

But two of the companies have fired back.

In an scathing email, Netflix responded, “You should know that we’re unafraid of bullies.

“Our legal department is here, it’s queer, and it’s telling you to steer clear.

“You are using the Netflix logo to promote your event, which despite its name is about hate – not pride.

“That’s gross and deeply hurtful, but it’s also deceptive misinformation and infringes our legal rights.”

They ordered Super Happy Fun America to remove the Netflix logo from their website.

But Super Happy Fun America hit back, writing on their website blasting Netflix as “a heterophobic company steeped in hatred and bigotry”.

TripAdvisor send cease-and-desist to straight pride parade

TripAdvisor also sent Super Happy Fun America a cease-and-desist letter of their own. The company filled the letter with references to gay anthems.

It reads, “I’m Coming Out and saying this clearly: you are infringing upon TripAdvisor’s intellectual property rights.

“We have become a well-known brand for our reviews of hotels, restaurants, experiences and even the occasional YMCA.

“But we weren’t Born This Way. We obtained that recognition through significant advertising and promotion since as early as 2000.

“You Need to Calm Down — you are not sponsored by, associated or affiliated with TripAdvisor in anyway… Have a Little Respect and remove those statements.

“There’s nothing Vogue or acceptable about making false claims about others merely to support your own cause. If I Could Turn Back Time, I would tell you not to use our name in the first place.”

In June, Super Happy Fun America replaced their intended Straight Pride parade mascot, actor Brad Pitt, after he also threatened legal action.

But instead, the group appointed gay man and right-wing commentator Milo Yiannopoulos in Pitt’s place.

The group plans to hold the parade in Boston on August 31, on the same route as the city’s annual LGBTIQ pride parade.

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