Comedian Rhys Nicholson Threatened With Homophobic Bashing On Train

Rhys Nicholson

Comedian Rhys Nicholson has shared that a homophobic thug recently threatened to “bash him to death” on pubic transport in Melbourne.

The 27-year-old opened up about the incident in a post on his Twitter account, recalling that on Friday night he’d been catching a train, when he noticed four men board.

“I was sitting on a train into a gig when four people (three twenty somethings and an older guy) got on,” he wrote.

“They were regular looking, well-dressed people except one of the young guys had a neck tattoo of a rose. When ol’ rose neck saw me he loudly said ‘You can always spot a faggot in Melbourne, hey?’

“He paced up and down the carriage for a few minutes and said directly at me, ‘If there was no one here I’d bash you. Bash you to death’. This type of fun went on for about 10 minutes,” Nicholson said.

“As they got off the older guy announced that ‘the Yes vote was allowing schools to teach young boys how to have sex with men.’

“I’m fine. That’s the problem. This shit is still so common that it barely phased me [sic]. It should phase me.”

In the post, the comedian took Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to task for the incident, writing that while he didn’t blame the Prime Minister for the people’s existence, he was holding Turnbull responsible for validating their opinions in last year’s same-sex marriage postal survey.

“I’m not blaming Malcolm Turnbull for these people existing. But I’m blaming him for letting them think opinions like this are okay,” Nicholson wrote on Twitter.

“We need to keep talking about this stuff because things are better but they still ain’t great.”

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