Columnist fired following anti-trans article rant

Julie Szego column

Julie Szego, a columnist for The Age, got the boot over the weekend after speaking out about the publication’s refusal to run her column on gender-affirming care for youths. 

Follwoing the initial refusal of  the column, Szego took to social media to share that she was publishing the 5000 word piece to her new blog, without the interferrance of ‘woke journalists’:

“I envisaged the piece as the first in a series; I’ll be rolling out more.

“And I’ll be writing about gender identity politics more broadly— without the copy being rendered unreadable by a committee of woke journalists redacting words they deem incendiary, such as ‘male’.”

It was this jab at her colleagues, as Szego later revealed to The Australian, that led to the journalists dismissal.

‘Great suspicion’ leading up to Szego’s firing

Szego also went on to tell The Australian that her attendance at an anti-trans rally earlier this year had “caused great suspicion” in the newsroom.

Szego attended the Melbourne rally by British anti-trans campaigner Kellie-Jay Keen aka Posie Parker earlier this year in March, which also saw neo-Nazis performing the Nazi salute in front of the Victorian Parliament.

She also tells The Australian that she attended the rally as a “journalist”.

“I attended the rally, I was conspicuous with notebook and pen,” she said, The Australian reports.

“I attended as a journalist because I wanted to get some colour from the event as I’m hoping to write a book on the wider debate.

“My attendance at the rally caused great suspicion in there (The Age’s newsroom).”

The Age editor responds

The Australian also spoke to The Age editor Patrick Elligett, who claims he explained to Szego why he would not publish the article, and that The Age “continues to cover the issue of gender policy with balance, nuance and accuracy. It is an issue many of our competitors will not touch.”

Szego, however, says the refusal was a matter of ‘reputation’:

“Patrick told me he could not publish my piece under my byline because it would damage the reputation of the masthead,” she told The Australian on Sunday.

“I would suggest he’s damaged the masthead more by not publishing it.”

She then went on to claim that Elligett had texted her accusing her of “disparaging the publication”:

“Obviously we can’t have our columnists publicly disparaging the publication like that so we won’t be commissioning further columns from you.”

Despite penning the 5000 word manifesto, Szego maintains that she ‘does not hold a firm view one way or another on paediatric transition’.

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