Oscar-winning actress Julianne Moore says her co-star Ellen Page was “delighted” to play her first gay character on screen in the film Freeheld.

Moore told UK TV show This Morning it was important for Page to be her “authentic self in a part”.

This was the first time that she had played a gay character on screen and she was delighted,” she said.

Even though the story was very sad, it was joyful for her that she was able to participate in it, in that way.

Ellen would answer any question I had what it was like to be out, what it was like when you can’t talk about your sexuality, what it would do to you emotionally.

She was very anxious to share all of that.”

Freeheld is based on a real-life story of a couple’s political fight when a female police officer dying of cancer is unable to pass on her pension to her wife.

Moore plays officer Laurel Hester, who has been diagnosed with stomach cancer, and Page plays her partner Stacie Andree.

Page, 28, disclosed she was a lesbian in February 2014 and said the role inspired her to open up about her sexuality for the first time and forced to her “get over” herself.

Stacie and Laurel’s story is incredibly inspiring and did take a lot of courage, particularly in a time of such unimaginable difficulty.

It really did make me go, ‘Dude, just tell people you’re gay. Just get over yourself, honestly, and support those who are not as privileged.’

It’s like, ‘You have f***ing privilege, so do something with it.’”

Moore, 55, also said she was glad to take on such an important role in the fight for marriage equality.

It (the script) was deliberately misleading at the beginning so you thought you were going to be watching this story about a police officer but really it’s this tremendously beautiful very personal love story and that’s why I did it – I was so moved by it,” she said.

“I like a love story, just as everybody else does and I think we all build our lives around our relationships. So it was important for me as a human being and then, yes, the progress that we have made and continue to make in the world with gay rights.

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