Club Q shooter practiced on rainbow targets at home

club q shooter

 Police revealed Wednesday that the Club Q shooter planned to live stream the attack and practised on rainbow targets at home.

The police officers gave evidence to determine whether sufficient evidence exists to warrant hate crime charges against 22-year-old Anderson Lee Aldrich.

  • Aldrich faces 323 charges over the killings at Club Q last November.
  • He murdered five people during the shooting and injured 22 more.
  • His defence argues he was not anti-LGBTQIA+.

A US court heard that Aldrich ran a Neo-Nazi website and used racial and anti-LGBTQIA+ slurs while gaming online.

Detective Rebecca Joines told the court that Aldrich posted an image online of a rifle scope trained on a gay pride parade before the attack.

Despite the alleged Club Q shooter identifying as non-binary, authorities can still charge them with a hate crime targeting peers.

Hate crime charges require evidence that Aldrich acted with a motive – that they were driven by bias.

The defence has argued that Aldrich was not anti-LGBTQIA+. They claim the shooter was under the influence of multiple drugs, sleep deprived and suffered from childhood abuse.

Detective Joines also revealed evidence that the killer planned to livestream the attack.

Police found a baseball hat with a phone taped to it inside Aldrich’s vehicle.

Rainbow gun target

Additionally, police showed the court photos of a gun target in Aldrich’s mother’s bedroom. The target consisted of a silhouette of a person’s head and shoulders surrounded by rainbow stripes.

Aldrich, who remains in custody at El Pasto Country Jail has not yet been asked to enter a plea.

Fourth Judicial District Judge Michael McHenry will decide if enough evidence exists to support the charges against Aldrich at the end of the hearing.

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