Election 2019: Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party Flasher

Clive Palmer's United Australia Party flasher

A Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party volunteer allegedly exposed himself at a polling station yesterday. Police spoke to the flasher at the Bankstown Public School soon after the incident.

The 67-year-old man allegedly exposed himself in front of three women and a man.


Police alleged the man committed the act after a dispute at the polling station.

They issued him with an infringement notice and ordered him to move on.

Clive Palmer's United Australia Party flasher
Image: Facebook

A witness told how the man began abusing her as she distributed how-to-vote cards.

The woman volunteered on the day for local Labor MP Jason Clare.

“He was very problematic and he was aggressive and abusing me and calling me a moron and calling me names and I removed myself from the situation,” Mariam Mourad told the ABC.

“It wasn’t OK because this is democracy,” she said.

“We’re all entitled to vote for whoever we want to within our capacity as citizens.”

Nadeem Ashraf stood for the United Australia Party in Blaxland. Mr Ashraf denied the flasher played any role in his official team. He also claimed not to know the man.

Mr Asraf denounced the behaviour as unacceptable. He appeared surprised that someone wearing Palmer party apparel would behave in that manner.

The Palmer candidate however made no comment on whether exposure was acceptable from people not wearing United Australia Party apparel.

“I do not want my wife exposed to seeing anything like that,” he said.

“I’m pretty sure the public and community of Blaxland and of Australia do not want to be exposed to dirty and horrific acts of that.”

Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party


In the lead up to the 2019 election, Clive Palmer promised big things for Australia.

Nevertheless, on this occasion, he failed to deliver.

Political analysts suggested it unlikely such a little thing would have an impact on the election.

“There are much bigger things to worry about,” said one.

“In fact, the only thing smaller on the day was the number of votes the party received.  Obviously, a pitiful return for the $60 million spent on advertising.”

In unrelated news, the day proved a success compared to the 2015 election when Blaxland voters complained, “Not a democracy sausage in sight.”


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