Citipointe church leader defends ‘biblical truth’ in enrolment contract

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Image: Citipointe Christian College

A leader of the church connected to Citipointe Christian College has defended the school’s contentious gender contract, as it’s revealed teachers at the school planned mass resignations if principal Brian Mulheran didn’t stand down.

On Thursday, principal Brian Mulheran withdrew the enrolment contract that caused national outrage.

The school was requiring all families to sign the document denouncing “imorral” and “destructive” homosexuality alongside incest and bestiality, as well as the “exclusion” of transgender students.

Mulheran withdrew the contract and announced a day later on Friday he’d take “extended leave” from the job after the backlash.

The Guardian reported that came after a confrontation with a group of senior teachers that day.

The group of teachers demanded he leave immediately or face “significant” staff resignations.

They warned that if he was still at the school on Monday, the “significant group” of educators would resign.

The Guardian reported at least three teachers have quit the school anyway over the saga.

Several families, including some teachers, have also withdrawn their children.

A group of parents at the school have also demanded Mulheran not return from leave and formally resign.

Citipointe Church leaders will ‘reword’ statement of faith

But a leader in the Pentacostal church that Citipointe Christian College is connected to, Citipointe Church, praised the “kind and caring” Mulheran in a sermon on Sunday.

Citipointe Church senior global pastor Mark Ramsey apologised to the congregation for any “confusion and pain that people felt” last week.

He and parishoners also gave Mulheran a standing ovation during the service.

Ramsey said one of the “many and complex” reasons that its Brisbane school withdrew its enrolment contract was to allow the school to continue operating.

He added the church will now work on “rewording” the statement of faith on homosexuality and transgender people.

That statement was where the anti-gay and anti-transgender material in the enrolment contract came from.

Ramsey said the aim of a new statement would be “keeping truth, but explaining it better”.

“We’ve been asked the question why we would we issue an amendment to the enrolment agreement that says the college will only enrol a student on the basis of gender that corresponds with their biological sex,” he said.

“Well, it’s biblical truth. That’s why we ask them to do that.

“The word of God presents and upholds the truth of biological sex.

“The entire Christian community and Citipointe was founded on the belief the Bible is true, and the word of God.

“In addition, the college needs to consider individual students and all students in issues around facilities, accommodation for college camps et cetera.”

Ramsey later told worshippers to lobby MPs as the Morrison Government restarts debate on the contentious Religious Discrimination Bill.

Review of Citipointe Christian College funding continuing

Meanwhile, Queensland Education Minister Grace Grace confirmed an investigation into Citipointe Christian College would proceed despite the enrolment contract withdrawal.

The Non-State Schools Accreditation Board is responsible for private school’s accreditation and their ongoing eligibility for funding.

In a statement, the NSSAB said Grace used her power under the law to “refer certain concerns relating to Citipointe Christian College” to the Board “for examination.”

However the Non-State Schools Accreditation Board said they are bound by confidentiality provisions.

As a result they “will not publicly comment on any specific matters” except where appropriate or permitted to by law.

Grace Grace repeated her criticism of the school to the ABC on Monday.

“I have no idea why this was deemed an appropriate course of action by Citipointe,” she said.

“I welcomed the withdrawal most earnestly of the contracts and I think the principal obviously needs to reflect,” she said.

“But I think others who had roles in this need to reflect on their role as well.

“I’m not sure whether he acted alone; for example, with the board, or they weren’t aware of this.”

She said she’ll await the Board’s briefing “in relation to any action they can take under our state regulatory legislation.”

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