Citipointe Christian College settles complaint from parents

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Brisbane’s Citipointe Christian College has issued a statement of “regret” after settling legal action over those anti-gay student contracts that caused outrage in 2022.

The Pentacostal school in Carindale has settled the complaint after the school sent parents and students the documents to sign.

The “declaration of faith” contract declared that the school can terminate a student’s enrolment based on sexuality, gender identity or sexual activity.

The document declared homosexuality as “sinful” and “destructive to society” like bestiality, incest and paedophilia.

It also claimed trans people don’t exist and said students could only enroll as the sex “God bestowed upon” them at birth.

The horrifying contract went viral and sparked national outrage. Thousands signed online petitions condemning the school for “openly discriminating” against its students.

Parents and former Citipointe Christian College students also spoke out against the contracts.

The school later withdrew the document following the backlash. Brian Mulheran (pictured above), principal of Citipointe at the time, resigned.

Citipointe issues statement after settling with parents

After the furor, a group of fed-up Citipointe parents subsequently complained to the Human Rights Commission.

On Sunday, the Pentecostal school issued a “statement of regret” after settling the legal action.

“It is acknowledged that the issuance of the enrolment contract, coupled with a request for the prompt execution and return, caused distress and concern to some students and parents,” the school said.

“We regret any distress or concern caused to students, parents and guardians of students or prospective students of the college.

“The College recognises that all persons have a right to be treated with respect and all students deserve to feel safe and respected.”

The school also made a donation to an undisclosed charity that provided training on youth mental health issues, as part of the agreement.

The group of parents who brought the complaint said they were happy with the result.

“We are hoping as a result of the settlement that a situation such as the enrolment contract will not happen again at the College or any other faith-based school,” they said in a joint statement.

“We believe that Christian faith is compatible with caring for LGBTIQA+ students.”

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