Sweet message in Christian Wilkins’ new children’s book

Christian Wilkins publishes childrens book Princess Mitchell
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First-time author Christian Wilkins has released a children’s picture book with a beautiful message about diversity.

The openly gay influencer and Aussie entertainment industry heir put his own experiences into the cute story Princess Mitchell, illustrated by Meng Koach.

The book is about “celebrating differences, overcoming adversity and embracing your identity.”

“Mitchell and his cat, Kylie, do everything together. They like to dance and sing and paint, but most of all, they love playing Princesses,” the synopsis reads.

“On Saturdays, Mitchell plays soccer with his best friend, Beck, but he can’t seem to make friends with one of his teammates.

“Damon always makes fun of Mitchell’s tutus, and yells at him if he misses a goal.”

But when Mitchell’s Princess-themed birthday party and soccer grand final are in the same week, the boy’s unique abilities on the field win over his team.

Princess Mitchell is Christian Wilkins’ first book, and he explained it’s largely based on his own experiences.

“I remember feeling different from the other kids at such a young age,” he said.

“I was unsure why and was, at times, teased for it. But if we’re honest, what is ‘normal’ for a child, or any of us?

“We should all be able to enjoy soccer and princesses, and ballet and baking, and reading and maths, and whatever else makes us happy.

“With this story, I hope to encourage kids – and everyone – to be their true selves and accept those with differences.

“Because just like Mitchell uses his ballet skills to save the final goal, those things that make us different are often the things that make us so great. That’s something that should always be celebrated.”


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‘Our queerness is what makes us special’

Christian Wilkins said he often gifts queer-inclusive books to his young relatives and wants to see more of them published.

As a kid, he recalled loving the stories “about people who triumphed through adversity” the most.

“Often, the thing that separated the hero of the stories from others was their greatest strength,” he said.

“For many queer people, we’re aware at a young age that we aren’t quite like all the other kids around us.

“And at a time where fitting in seems like the natural thing to do, it’s hard. But over time we discover that our queerness, our weirdness, is actually what makes us special.

“It’s clear to see why these stories resonated. And at the end of the day, if this story resonates with even just one child, I know its job is done. Here’s hoping tomorrow is an even better day than today.”

Christian Wilkins hosts Storytime event in Brisbane

This Saturday (November 18), Christian is coming to Brisbane indie LGBTQIA+ bookstore Shelf Lovers to read Princess Mitchell.

The event is at Shelf Lovers at 1 Dickson Street in Wooloowin, Queensland, co-hosted by Quick Brown Fox Bookshop.

Christian wants children (and adults) to dress up in their best tutus, tiaras, construction hats, bow ties or other finery for the event.

Book at the website here. Christian Wilkins’ Princess Mitchell is out now.

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