Christian Hull: The unexpected hero in the fight against Citipointe

Christian Hull Citipointe

Earlier this week religious school Citipointe came under fire from a campaign led by Christian Hull.

It all started when the school was exposed for their “inhumane” contract for students.

The school is controversially asking families to sign a new enrolment contract. The contract asks students and parents to reject homosexual and transgender identities.

After discovering the contract Brisbane comedian Christian Hull started a campaign to raise awareness.

Christian Hull champions Citipointe campaign

Let’s be honest, Christian Hull is the last person we would expect to become an activist.

The out gay comedian and content creator is best known for his foul mouth, hating people and talking about his sex life.

But this week when he discovered the Citipointe school’s horrendous contract he spoke out.

However it didn’t stop there, the comedian continued to speak up against the school, launching a national campaign.

As his campaign ramped up, parents and students reached out to share their stories.

Hull continued to put pressure on the Citipointe school, sharing a petition calling on them to withdraw their contract.

The petition since garnered over 130,000 signatures.

From content creator to activist

Whilst it’s safe to say many people have shared this campaign, Christian has been relentless.

The dedication, consistency and exposure Christian Hull has put into this has paid off in spades.

On his Instagram alone Christian has over 250 thousand followers plus 1.2m on Faceook, enough to get people talking.

His first video about the campaign gained over 136,000 views

Following this students, parents and teachers continued to reach out to him.

So, Christian began sharing their messages and stories on his Instagram feed.

Campaign gains International Attention

As his campaign took off Christian Hull began to get national attention.

With his connections in radio and media, the phone began ringing.

Soon, he was heard sharing the story on radio stations across the country.

Politicians began speaking out as the story spread, including the Brisbane Lord Mayor.

Media coverage of the issue then prompted Education Minister Grace Grace to investigate the school.

On Wednesday morning CNN began reporting on this issue.

He even uncovered the unbelievable response from the school principal, sharing it with his audience.

Whilst the campaign is still raging with no back down from the school, we hope Christian will still be there to lead the charge.

It’s safe to say he’s planning something, only this morning he had a special request on Instagram.

“I need a huge pride flag and huge trans flag!” he requested.

“Do you live in Brisbane and have one I can borrow?”

“No reason.”

We can’t wait to see how this turns out.

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1 Comment

  1. Polly
    3 February 2022

    I’m sorry, I’m sure he’s a great guy, but if I see one more thing that suggests Christian Hull is the hero in this situation, I’m going to scream.

    The brave and strong people in this situation are not the man with a platform he is comfortable using, but the vulnerable young people, their parents and their teachers who spoke out. They are people who were called out and discriminated against by the institution that was entrusted to care for them, they are people who had to step out of their comfort zone and become media spokespeople, they are people who’s lives and routines and communities were ripped apart because the their participation within that institution where they’ve spent most of their lives became untenable.

    And it’s those kids’ voices and their best interests and their aspirations that need to come first, otherwise it’s just a bunch of grownups using the issue for political one upmanship and virtue signalling, not actually helping the situation for the people involved at all.

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